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Joint Pain Relief Pack of 3 Bottles


Sandhi Sudha: A joint care oil is an extremely Ayurveda treatment, which is made of very rare & precious medicinal plants found in the Himalayas.  It has been used for decades by lakhs of people and have produced magical results. By only a few days use of Sandhi Sudha you will see lessening of pain in knees, body pain, back pain, shoulder pain etc and will feel the warmth of rest and a relaxed body. By using this, the joints in your body become stronger and it reinstates the Sinovial Fluid between the joints so it starts functioning properly. It brings proper and normal movement back even in the joints which have been aching and non functional since years.



How to use? (For external usage only)


Take one or two teaspoons (approx. 5 ml) of the oil and with your fingers starts massaging the affected area with it.

Keep the motions of the finger circular, and do it for 3-5 minutes. Keep the pressure appropriate to you.


When the pain is more severe, you may massage with it for 3-4 times a day. You can use two hours before showering, or  two hours after it, or even before you sleep at nights. For the maximum benefit, give hot fomentation after massage.


Important Benefit: For patients of knee pain, shoulder pains, back pain, cervical spondilitis, and arthritis this oil shows magical results.

For women with back pain this is an extremely beneficial remedy.


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