Cisco SAN Administration Training

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Host Architectures
•Bus Metrics
•Fibre Channel HBA Feature Sets
•Fibre Channel HBA Multipathing
•Virtual Servers

FC Protocol Architecture
•Fibre Channel Layered Model
•ULP Mapping

FC SAN Topologies
•Arbitrated Loop
•Switched Fabric

FC data Constructs
•Fibre Channel Data Constructs
•Frame Structure
•Ordered Sets and Primitives
•Link Services

FC Flow Control
•Classes of Service
•Flow Control
•Buffer Credits
•Buffer Credit Calculations

FC Addressing and Routing
•Fibre Channel Addressing
•World-Wide Names
•Routing and FSPF
•Fabric Configuration Process

Fabric Services
•Fabric Services
•Well-Known Addresses
•Lun Masking and Mapping
•Zoning Issues

Fabric Login
•Port Login
•Process Login

FC SAN Extension over IP
•FCIP Concepts
•iFCP Concepts
•FCIP and iFCP Comparison
•IP transport Architectures

Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch Platform
•Introduction Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches
•implementing Integrated Management

System Installation and Initial Configuration
•Performing the Initial Switch Configuration
•Installaing and Licensing Cisco NX-OS Software

Building a SAN Fabric
•Using FLOGI and FCNS Databases
•Configuring Interfaces
•Configuring Port Channels
•Configuring Cisco NPV and NPIV
•Routing with VSANS
•Managing Domains
•Configuring Distributed Device Aliases
•Implementing Zoning


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