Citrix XenDesktop Training

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Understanding XenDesktop 7 Architecture
•Understanding the XenDesktop Architecture
•Xendesktop Virtualization Technologies
•Infrastructure Components
•Citrix Components

Setting up the Hypervisor
•Setting up the Hypervisor
•Installing the Hypervisor
•Installing the Hypervisor Management Console
•Configuring the Hypervisor
•Creating Templates

Setting up Infrastructure Components
•Setting Up the infrastructure Components
•Setting up the Domain Controller
•Setting Up the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
•Setting Up the File Server
•Setting Up SQL Server 2012
•Setting up SQL Server mirroring

Setting Up Citrix Components
•Setting Up Citrix Components
•Setting up the Citrix License Server
•Setting Up the Delivery Controller
•Setting up a Second Controller
•Setting Up the Citrix Universal Printer server
•Setting Up Storefront
•Setting Up a Second Storefront Server
•Setting Up Receiver

Setting Up XenDesktop Resources
•Setting Up Xendesktop Resources
•Preparing the Master Virtual Machine
•Setting Up a Server OS Master Image
•Setting Up a Desktop OS Master Image
•Creating a Machine Catalog
•Creating a Delivery Group

Setting Up policies
•Setting Up Policies
•Installing the Group Policy Managent Feature
•Configuring Priniting Policies
•Configuring Remote Assistance
•Prioritizing the Policies
•Running the Resultant Set of Policy
•Setting up Citrix Profile Management

Setting Up Provisioning Services
•Setting Up Provisioning Services
•Provisioning Services Architecture
•Setting Up a Provisioning Services Server
•Installing Provisioning Services Console
•Configuring Boot from network
•Setting up a Second Provisioning Services Server
•Configuring the BootStrap File for High Availability
•Configuring the Master Target Devices
•Creating the vDisk
•Assigning a vDisk to a Target Device
•Creating the Machine Catalog
•Creating the Delivery Group

Preparing the Environment for Rollout
•Preparing the Environment for Rollout
•Testing a Service Account
•Testing the DHCP Scope
•Testing the Certificates
•Testing the Provisioning Services Share
•Verifying Internal Access to Hosted Application
•Verifying Internal Access to a Server OS machine(PVS)
•Verifying Internal Access to a Desktop OS machine
•Testing Remote Assistance
•Testing Delivery Controller High Availability


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