EMC VNX Training

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Unisphere Security And Basic Management
•Unisphere Security Features
•Unisphere Authentication using LDAP
•Control Station Auditing
•IP Address Filtering
•Unisphere SSL/TLS Certificates
•VNX File Notifications Methods

Block Storage Provisioning and Management
•Configuring RAID Groups and Traditional LUNs
•Pools and Pool LUNs

Management Host Access to Block Storage
•Access Logix

Host Integratation Basics
•Windows Host Installation and Integration
•Linux Host Installation and Integration
•ESXI Host Installation and Integration

Advanced Storage Concepts
•Configuring Meta LUNs
•LUN Migration
•Data Compression
•FAST Cache

Basic Network Configuration
•Data Mover Network Devices
•Implementing DNS and TIME Services
•Data Access Protocols and Services

Configuring File Systems
•File System Components
•Creating File Systems
•Managing File Systems
•File System Auto Extension/Virtual Provisioning
•Exporting File Systems to Linux and ESXi

Networking Features

Configuring CIFS
•Create and Join a CIFS Server to a Windows Domain
•File System Access Via CIFS
•Computer Names, NetBIOS Names, and Aliasing
•Managing and Assigning Permissions in a CIFS-ONLY Environment

File System Quotas
◦User and Group Quota Management
◦Tree Quotas
◦Managing Quotas from CIFS/NFS Clients

CIFS Features
◦Auditing CIFS
◦Home Directory Support
◦Managing Quotas from CIFS/NFS Clients

VNX Snapsure
◦Writeable Snapshots
◦Creating and Accessing Snapshots
◦ Managing Snapshots
◦ Planning For SnapSure


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