FIM 2010 Training

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Introducing Forefront Identity Manager 2010
•Introducing FIM
•Synchronization Concepts
•Other FIM Concepts

The Synchronization Service Manager
•The Synchronization Service
•The Synchronization Service Manager: The Management Agents Tool
• Synchronization Service Manager: Other Tools

More about Synchronization
•Inbound Synchronization
•Outbound Synchronization

The FIM Service and Portal
•Introducing the Portal
•Integrating the FIM Service and FIM
•Synchronization Service

Managing Synchronization from the Portal
•Synchronization Rules
•Outbound Synchronization Rules
•Managing Users in Active Directory
•More about Synchronization Rules

Managing Credentials with FIM
•FIM Password Management
•Password Self-service Reset
•Synchronizing Passwords – PCNS
•FIM Certificate Management

Group Management
•Groups and the Portal
•Managing Groups in Active Directory


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