Godrej Locks Navtal 8 Levers Deluxe Hardened - 3 Keys

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Locks are an essential safety device that we use in our everyday lives. But the importance of this home improvement device cannot be adequately stressed upon.

The Godrej Navtal 8 Levers Deluxe Hardened padlock has a locking mechanism with 8 brass levers. The rivetless machine pressed clinch joints are together to increase construction strength. The internal parts of the lock are rust resistant. The shackles is electroplated and hardened to make it hacksaw and rust resistant under normal conditions.  It is also engaged at both sides for better security. The body, levers and keys are made of brass and the shackle is made of hardened steel. The padlock is long-lasting and can be used to lock doors, grills, shutters, shops, etc.

The Navtal 8 levers deluxe lock comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.  It includes 1 lock and 3 sets of keys. The design is unique and has advanced multi row pin cylinder technology. This improves its strength. This lock is built using the latest technology that will ensure security and give you ample peace of mind. It is easily the best choice and a wise investment.


Godrej is one of India’s leading companies in the manufacturing of padlocks and other security devices. Godrej has one of the highest quality locks in the industry. Godrej provides security solutions to millions of Indians across the country. The company has come a long way and has established a firm place in the mind of its consumers. You can shop online and make your pick of Godrej padlock, including the Navtal 8 Levers Deluxe Hardened padlock.

  • Precision eight brass levers locking mechanism
  • Rivetless machine pressed clinch joints increase construction strength
  • Rust resistant internal components
  • Hardened electroplated shackle resists hacksaw cutting and rusting under normal atmosphereic conditions
  • Shackle gets engaged at both the ends for greater security
  • Package Contents: 1 lock and 3 keys
  • Warranty: 1 Year warranty from the date of invoice

Price Rs.1,275
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