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Backup Exec Fundamentals
•Data backup basics
•Symantec’s backup solution offering
•Backup Exec2012 essentials
•Backup Exec architecture

Installing Backup Exec 2012
•Installing the Backup Exec server
•Launching Backup Exec2012
•Updating Backup Exec2012
•Upgrading to Backup Exec2012

Storage Devices
•Devices and media
•Configuring storage devices
•Managing devices

Data Management
•Managing media
•Media catalogs

Backing Up Data
•Backup job basics
•Configuring backup jobs
•Running backup jobs
•Backup and Restore view
•GRT- enabled backups
•Configuring Backup Exec to determine file Backup
•System state backup

Restoring Data
•Restore job basics
•Running restore jobs
•Simplified Disaster Recovery: Server Restore workflow

Simplified Disaster Recovery
•Simplified Disaster Recovery fundamentals
•What’s new in Disater Recovery
•Simplified Disaster Recovery: Backup
•Creating a custom SDR disk
•Using SDR for disaster recovery

Agent For Microsoft Sql Server
•Microsoft SQL Server fundamentals
•Agent for Microsoft sql server basics
•Backing up a Microsoft Sql Server
•Restoring a Microsoft SQL server databases

Agent For Microsoft Echange Server
•Microsoft Exchange Server Basics
•Agent For Microsoft Exchange Server Fundamentals
•Backup Exec2012 Support for Exchange2010
•Backing up Exchange
•Restoring Exchange

Virtual Environment Agents
•Virtualization technologies
•Using the agent for VMware


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