Symantec/Veritas Netbackup Training

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NetBackup Essentials
• The challenges of enterprise backup
•The NetBackup environment
•NetBackup concepts
•NetBackup options and agents

Installing and Configuring NetBackup
•Preinstallation considerations
•Installing and verifying your NetBackup installation
•Installing NetBackup clients
•Configuring NetBackup
•Upgrade considerations

Introduction to NetBackup Administrative Interfaces
•The NetBackup Administration Console
•The command-line interface (CLI)
•NetBackup OpsCenter

Configuring Tape Devices
•Shared tape drives
•Adding robots
•Adding tape drives
•Monitoring shared tape drives
•Monitoring and maintaining devices Devices tips

Configuring Storage Units
•Storage units
•Configuring storage units
•Storage unit tips

Configuring Volumes
•Configuring volume pools
•Configuring volumes
•Managing physical volumes
•Volume tips

Configuring Policies
•Creating and configuring policy attributes
•Creating a policy schedule
•Adding clients to a policy
•Creating backup selections
•Backup policy tips

Performing Backups and Restores
•Performing manual backup operations
•Performing restore operations
•Backup and restore tips

Managing Media
•NetBackup media states and selection criteria
•Determining media status
•Configuring media sharing
•Maximizing tape utilization
•Media-related tips

Getting Started with NetBackup Reporting
•Reporting using the NetBackup Administration Console
•Reporting using OpsCenter
•OpsCenter Analytics

Administrative Tasks and Challenges
•Distributing client software
•Managing backup images
•Backup copies and duplication
•Managing busy files
•Managing job priorities
•Managing user authentication and authorization

Performing Catalog Backups and Restores
•NetBackup catalogs
•Catalog backups
•Manual catalog backup configuration
•Disaster recovery
•Catalog-related tips

Customizing Backup Policies
•Using multiple data streams
•Multiplexing backup images
•Specialized backup solutions
•Protecting virtual clients
•Additional policy options

Using Disk Pools
•Introduction to disk features
•Pooling disk resources
•Configuring disk pools
•Managing disk pools


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