VMWare Training

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VMWare Virtualization Overview
• Virtualization
•VMWare products
•Understanding VMWare ESXi features and components

VMWare ESXi Server Overview
•Planning ESXi Server
•Understanding requirements
•Deploying ESXi Server
•Understanding vSphere licensing

Virtual Machines
•Creating Virtual Machines
•Removing VIrtual machines
•Deploying Guest Operating System
•Understanding VMWare Tools
•Deploying VMWare Tools
•Configuring VM’s to Auto start and Auto Shutdown

Understanding Processor & Memory Management
•CPU Allocation
•Memory Management
•Transparent Page sharing

Understand ESXi Server hardware Architecture
•Understanding ESXi Operating System
•Understanding Virtualization kernel
•Understanding CPU, Memory Management
•Understanding ballooning
•Understanding Transparent page Sharing

Manage vSphere Storage
•Configuring Storage Adapters
•Understanding VMFS File System
•Configuring VMFS Partitions
•Adding ISCSI Storage
•Adding NAS Storage
•Adding FC SAN Storage

Manage vSphere Networking
•Physical Network Toplology
•Understanding vSwitch & PortGroup
•Configuring Virtual Switch & PortGroups
•Understanding VMKernel Adaptors
•Configuring Load balancing
•Understanding Security Policies
•Configuring Traffic Shaping Policies
•VLANs & Trucks
•VLAN Trunks
•Private VLANs
•Configure Private VLAN

VMWare Vcenter Server 5.5
•Features of Vcenter Server
•Components of Vcenter Server
•Installing Vcenter Server
•Understanding Vcenter Editions
•Managing ESXi Hosts from Vcenter Server
•Managing VM’s from Vcenter Server

Virtual Machines Management using vcenter Server
•Cloning VM’s
•Deploying VM’s using Templates
•Preparing Templates
•Migrating VM’s using vmotion
•Migrating VM’s using storage vmotion
•Creating vApps

User Access & Authentication
•Creating Roles & Assigning Privileges
•Create and Modify Users
•Integrating AD Authentication
•Enabling ESXi lockdown
•Managing ESXi Firewall

Scheduled Tasks,Events & Alarms
•Understand Tasks, Events & Alarms
•Configuring SMTP
•Configuring Alarms

Understand Resource pools and VMWare Clusters
•Understand DRS Clusters
•Configure and Test DRS Cluster
•Understand HA Clusters
•Configure and Test HA Clusters
•Understanding Fault Tolerance
•Understanding Enhanced Vmotion
•Configuring Fault Tolerance
•Testing Fault Tolerance

Migrating Physical to VMWare Environment
•Understanding VMWare Converter
•Converting Physical to Virtual machine(P2V)
•Converting Virtual to Virtual(V2V)
•Understanding OVF Format

VMWare Logs and Services
•Checking VMWare ESXi Logs
•Checking Vcenter Server logs
•Verify ESXi, VC Services
•Troubleshooting VM Issues

VM Patch Management
•Installing Update Manager
•Configuring Update Manager
•Creating Baselines
•Patch remediation
•Scan Patches


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